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Romantic Weekend Deals To Bermuda

Bermuda is known as “The Jewel of the Atlantic”, and for a very good reason. Few islands either Caribbean or other invoke the traditional island feel quite like Bermuda. It’s unique architecture, pristine, white sandy beaches, friendly people (everyone says good morning in Bermuda) and laid back attitude make it irresistible to many who return year after year, and also intrigue others who may have researched the island but as yet haven’t actually visited.

If you are planning a trip to Bermuda, be certain to research the major hotels in Bermuda and geography to get the best deal in an area with the types of activities that you desire. The island is divided into Parishes. St Georges (where the airport is located right at the far end of the island) Devonshire, Pembroke, Smiths, Hamilton, Paget, Southampton, Warwick, and Sandy’s (which extends all the way to Royal Naval Dockyard at the opposite end of the island). Hotels are plentiful in any of these locations. Search here for “Hotels On Sale” to get a deal on hotels in Bermuda.

Bermuda Deals are Closer than You Think

With it’s close proximity to the mainland US (only 1 hour 50 minutes from New York) and also daily flights to Bermuda from Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Halifax NS, London UK, Miami,, Philadelphia, Toronto ON, Washington DC, Bermuda is for many is a very viable option to get a deal to somewhere that feels a million miles away yet really isn’t.

Bermuda is a Quickly Accessible Destination

Many couples enjoy romantic weekends away in Bermuda because it is easily accessible. Enjoying the weekend is much easier when travel time to and from the destination is kept to a minimum. Visitors arriving at Bermuda’s airport are greeted by local calypso musicians who provide a unique welcome to the island, and after clearing customs you can grab one of Bermuda’s famous taxis who are a mine of local information and love to use it to help assist tourists.

If you have any questions about Bermuda and the answers are not in the guide book then the journey from the airport to your hotel is a good time to ask. Arriving on an evening flight to Bermuda can be a rewarding experience, as visitors are greeted by millpond flat seas, balmy evening air and the chorus of the Bermuda Tree Frogs that for many is a memorable part of their visit to Bermuda.

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