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New Orleans Is A Great City Travel Deal

The best way to get a deal to New Orleans is to plunge right in. Don't just go for the obvious. Sure, we've met people who never left Bourbon Street and had a terrific time, but the city has so much more to offer. We've also met people who went for recognizable names and quick and easy decisions and then were disappointed that their experiences were no more than adequate. 

Get a Deal With Free Attractions in New Orleans

Look over the advice that follows and you should be able to sidestep the inevitable tourist traps. We want you to go home after a real good time. We won't promise that you won't get your hands dirty -- but if the dirt comes from the powdered sugar on a beignet, then you did your trip right. That is, assuming you do go home. Remember: We warned you, so don't blame us if you come to New Orleans and one day discover that you never left.

Family Fun in New Orleans

New Orleans is known as America's favorite adult amusement park - Additionally, the whole family will love the New Orleans top-rated zoo and aquarium. You can host an event at either of these locations for a unique setting. The top-rated Louisiana Children's Museum toys with the minds of children as well as adults. In the Mid-City area, thousands of Oak trees bow to the beauty of City Park, which is larger than Central Park! Here you'll find the Botanical Gardens, a playground, tennis, golf and boating. For a closer look, ride a streetcar along beautiful St. Charles Avenue for a fun tour.

Casino Gaming in New Orleans

It's only fitting that casino gaming returned to the city where it originated. After all, this is the birthplace of craps and America's first grand casino was opened here in the 19th century. Today, there are gambling riverboats on the Mississippi as well as Harrah's, which is the world's largest land-based casino. Big-time gaming has returned to this city of luck. If you’re interested in gambling and want to stay in a casino hotel, you can get a deal here.

New Orleans Mardi Gras

When you go to New Orleans, you gotta go see the Mardi Gras! This line from a popular song played throughout the Carnival season says it all. The party, noted the Greatest Free Show on Earth, brings thousands of visitors to the city. Beginning January 6 each year, locals celebrate right through until Fat Tuesday, the day before lent begins. Everywhere else in the world, it's another Tuesday but in New Orleans, revelry rules as people flock to the streets for parades and masquerades. Since the 1700's, this has been New Orleans most celebrated holiday and one that you gotta see once in a lifetime--at least!

New Orleans Louisiana Superdome

You know it as the home of (7) Super Bowls, the 1998 Republican National Convention Site, and the world's largest fixed-roof stadium, but it is also a great venue for events, concerts, and general sessions. It can accommodate up to 58,000 people and anything else you can imagine. Some of the world's leading software companies have also used it as a party venue beyond compare! If you want to stay in the area of the Superdome, you can get a good hotel deal here.

New Orleans Morial Convention Center

In case you need a 1.1 million square foot room – New Orleans has it! The Morial Convention Center offers size, ease, and flexibility. Under one roof, you will find a state-of-the-art 4000 seat conference auditorium, a contiguous floor plan, fiber-optic capability that would make NASA envious, and 140 meeting rooms located directly above the exhibit space. Tell us what you need and the Morial Convention Center will have something to offer.

Shopping in New Orleans

Some of the oldest treasures of New Orleans are discovered in the French Quarter. From Royal Street to Magazine Street and from the Riverwalk to New Orleans Centre, retail, retro, ribald, and regal - shopping abounds here. You'll also find unique art galleries, accent shops and three shopping centers downtown, just steps away from the hotels.

Cuisine - If you're coming to New Orleans for a convention, plan to arrive with an empty stomach. There are more great restaurants in this city than there are hours of the day to eat. That's why meal time is the favorite time of the day in New Orleans. Start with Beignets and Café au Lait, grab a po-boy, then top it off with Crawfish Etouffeé prepared by a world-famous chef. You'll love every bite. Two favorites are Cajun and Creole cooking. The hot-peppery flavors of Cajun food spice up gumbos, crawfish bisque and andouille sausage. Savory sauces make Creole dishes like red beans -n- rice or Oysters Rockefeller. One can always find dozens of raw oysters on the half-shell at local joints. The chefs love to toss all their favorite ingredients into a pot which makes eating an experience beyond compare in New Orleans.

New Orleans Culture

When it comes to culture, New Orleans is a world all of its own. This cosmopolitan community is a blend of French, Spanish, Indian, Anglo and African heritages. Their influences are seen in architecture throughout the city or can be explored at one of the many museums. The Cabildo Museum is the national historic landmark where the Louisiana Purchase was signed and it houses many exhibitions depicting the history of the life during the Civil War era. At the Old US Mint Jazz Museum, you can see Louis Armstrong's first horn. Jumping ahead in time, the Contemporary Arts Center shows off new works at the 19th century ice cream factory in the Warehouse District. You can explore the ages through visual and performing arts. It's also a hot place to host a private party! The New Orleans Museum of Art in City Park is the pride of the South since its major expansion. You can view the impressive permanent collection, as well as raveling exhibits.

The Famous New Orleans French Quarter

Where is the only place in the world where you can find people dancing in the middle of the streets, in middle of the day, in the middle of the week? Life here is a never ending party. The highlight of every visitor's trip to New Orleans, the French Quarter is a unique neighborhood of courtyard homes, shops and restaurants, all as special as the people who live there. Wandering cobblestone streets, looking at wrought iron laced balconies is a real treat on a Saturday afternoon. But to feel the real beat of New Orleans, head over to the heart of the Quarter, Jackson Square. Guests are entertained daily by street performers and live jazz bands, and may even join in a spontaneous second line. The French Market is a secret of trinkets as well as Creole tomatoes and delicious fruits. Walking tours will take you to the historic sites in the Vieux Carré. If you want to stay in or near the French Quarter there are wonderful small historic and boutique hotels. You can get a deal on these hotels here.

Get a New Orleans Hotel Deal

Staying in New Orleans. Exploring the finest hotels can be as much fun as exploring the city. What else would you expect from a city that's host to over 8 million visitors each year. Conventioneers find it comforting that our major hotels can accommodate groups as large as 5,000 people under one roof in the Downtown Convention Center area. In addition, several more hotels will soon open in and around this area. Some visitors prefer the charm of a French Quarter Hotel to the amenities of major New Orleans five-star hotels. There are several guest houses in the Vieux Carré as well as throughout the Garden District and Uptown. Hospitality and accommodations are down to a science in New Orleans. Most hotels are within walking distance of the convention facilities and the French Quarter, or you can always find a shuttle to take you to the other side of town. Click Here to get a deal in any New Orleans Hotels on Sale Today.

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