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Jamaica Is The Stress Free Travel Deal

Travelling is stressful enough so why not get the ultimate stress free travel deal and take a trip to Jamaica. Let’s talk a little about all the things there are to see and do in Jamaica. You probably heard about the beaches in Jamaica. They are exclusive and one of a kind in the world because of the settings and the very specific atmosphere. The warm sun and the gentle waves make for a very special beach experience.

Surfing is one of the things people visit Jamaica for, so if you enjoy this type of nautical sport, Jamaica is the right destination. In the evening, you will probably enjoy having a traditional drink and watching the sun go down over the ocean. After that, we recommend seeking a traditional meal (Jamaican barbecued steak or chicken). You can do this by seeking out one of the many local restaurants in your Jamaican destination.

The People of Jamaica are Welcoming

One of the things that make the whole trip worthwhile is experiencing the warm and welcoming Jamaican people. The people of Jamaica love to socialize with people that are not part of their culture. If you like, you will be able to listen to incredible ancient stories about the ancestors of Jamaican people. You will learn about their history and culture from a Jamaican insider, so to speak. As a bonus, the Jamaican way of life will grab you and never let you go. The way they love to spend entire hours listening to their traditional music and songs, near a camp fire, on the beach. This is an experience that is not available for everyone, it is exclusive to those that choose to learn about the culture and socialize with some of the locals on the beach or in the nightclubs.

Jamaica is a top destination for Caribbean travel simply because it can make for the perfect vacation setting. Jamaica is a country that has kept holding on to its’ true origins and traditions, while simultaneously adapting itself to become an evolved country and a location that tourists around the world love to visit. Spending a few hours enjoying a traditional Jamaican coffee, made from special ingredients, will be an experience to remember.

The locals are also one of the things that you will surely enjoy, as they are very pleasant from every point of view. As mentioned above, traditional Jamaican dishes are available from certain natives, able to prepare the most tasteful food you have ever had. Make sure that you try the chicken, it is exquisite.

Negril is a Great Jamaican Holiday Location

Negril is a small community near the ocean and a very sought after Jamaica travel location, especially for those that want to enjoy a holiday near the ocean, in an exotic country with impressive history and traditions. This is one of the main tourist locations in Jamaica. Hotels in Negril Jamaica range from a low of $25 USD to just over $200 USD for highly rates hotels and resorts. Get a deal on a hotel on sal in Negril Jamaica here.

This means that you can have a beautiful stay that has all the magic and traditionalism of classic Jamaica, mixed with a dash of seaside holiday feeling. We think that, considering the price and the comfort offered, getting a deal to Jamaica will make for a lasting entertaining and memorable experience.

The Negril community has a lot more interesting things to offer for a tourist. The people of Negril were fishermen back in the day, but have developed their activities into those that focus on tourism and evolving to a better and healthier community for the tourist trade. Traditional meals have a specific feel, especially the way Jamaicans have learned to cook meat. They spice chicken or pork meat in a specific way, with certain traditional Jamaican spices, and they cook it on a grill, made from special wood, giving it and enjoyable, long lasting taste.

Surfing at Frenchman’s Cove in Negril Jamaica

Negril is also known for the surfing done here at Frenchman's Cove beach. It is one of the few places where you can surf all year around because the weather is usually good and the waves are just the perfect strength and shape. The surfing community here is inviting, and even if you aren’t a pro, you can get surfing lessons from the locals. Surfing has become the sport of choice for those that live near the sea and the beach. Maybe you have thought about going surfing before, but never really had the opportunity to see how it feels to ride the waves. Well, now you can get a taste of surfing, maybe you will love it.

Even if you do not enjoy extreme water sports, you will enjoy watching the surfers as you get the perfect sun tan. Or you can be one of the surfers riding the perfect waves. Negril is a very well-known surfing spot, simply because it is one of the few places on earth where you can surf the entire year. This location is placed in a perfect spot for this due to the pacific currents, constantly crossing this region.

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