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Hot Summer Hotel Deals In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the best places to plan a summer holiday. Other than top casinos offering tons of excitements, you can also check out shows, visit the city’s top attractions, and enjoy a wonderful time visiting Las Vegas. What you need to visit Las Vegas without spending too much money is to get the right travel and hotel deals. We are going to give you some tips and advice for some of the aspects you might want to consider while planning your Las Vegas vacation.

Get a Deal on an All Inclusive Las Vegas Vacation

If you want to save money while still enjoy the best of Las Vegas, the best way to do that is to get a deal on an all-inclusive Vegas holiday package. You don’t have to worry about buying separate tickets to watch performances or arrange around-the-city tour at all. The holiday package will already include everything you need to enjoy the best of Las Vegas.

Finding flights can also be done easily online. Simply compare available flights and get the best deal. Of course, if you go with the all-inclusive travel deal, you will have the flights arranged for you already. If you do look for flight deals yourself, be sure to check out forums and dedicated travel deal sites to find last minute deals and get even cheaper flights.

Don’t forget to prepare accommodation. Although The Las Vegas Strip is the best area when it comes to finding hotels with easy access to Vegas attractions, getting the best accommodation deal in downtown Las Vegas would be the more budget-friendly option.

Save a Bundle by Staying in a Hostel

Looking to really save some money in Vegas? You can save a bundle staying in a hostel but you really need to do your research. There are a handful of hostels in Las Vegas but just because they have a Las Vegas address it doesn’t mean their location is near the strip. If your reason for visiting Vegas is to take in the nightlife on the strip you want to make sure you’re not too far away. While Hostels typically offer the lowest possible rates you need to factor in the cost of travel to and from the strip. Some may be located too far from the strip to consider walking.

Even if you rent a car you might want to consider if you’d want to drive home after a night of fun at a casino. Secondly you should research their reviews and the amenities. Traditionally hostels are bare bones but some hostels in Las Vegas offer tours, limo service and have pools. Finally, make sure you compare prices. At certain times of the year you can get a deal on a hotel price war that rivals even what a hostel can offer. Be savvy when you shop and make sure you’re getting what you’re expecting.

The Las Vegas Strip is Bursting with Energy

Whether you’re traveling to Vegas for a conference, a holiday or to play some black jack you will end up on the “strip”. The formal name of the strip is Las Vegas Boulevard and it’s where the vast majority of luxury hotels and great shopping are located. The strip is beautiful, alluring and bursting with energy. Staying anywhere on the strip puts you right in the middle of everything. The hotels are works of art using extraordinary architecture and world famous themes to draw in people from off the streets.

Each hotel offers some unique feature that qualifies it as its own tourist attraction. You will see live animals, decorated dancing Vegas girls, world class designer stores and even a roller coaster or two. You will certainly find something for everyone as you explore everything that Las Vegas Boulevard has to offer. While Las Vegas was once considered a playground for adults it’s now a legitimate destination for families. This is in large part due to the spectacular attractions offered in many of the hotels. These hotels have done a fantastic job of designing buildings and attractions that lure in even the anti-gambling crowd. In fact, you could visit Las Vegas without even dropping a dime in a casino and still have a spectacular vacation with memories to last a lifetime.

Consider Stretching your Budget by Staying off the Strip

Everyone knows the strip in Las Vegas is the place to be right? Think again. While it’s true that the strip is the heartbeat of Vegas you may be able to get some amazing deals staying just a block or two away. There are literally thousands of hotels rooms available in Vegas and every hotel manager wants you to stay with them. Being off the strip is a little more challenging for hotels so they tend to step up their game when it comes to what they’re willing to offer. Many hotels located just around the block from the strip will offer incredible deals that include casino credits, free show tickets, free dinners and rates that make you feel like you’ve already won big.

Off Strip Hotels have Great Customer Service and Amenities

You’ll find that there are casinos in these hotels as well. What they lack in the “WOW” factor they make up for in service, lower priced minimum tables, great food specials and smaller crowds. You can find hotels and casinos that are a couple miles away, but offer free shuttles from the strip to their place. If you’re the type that really can’t stand a crowd these hotels offer a great alternative. While they do get busy on weekends you’ll find it much more manageable than most hotels on the Las Vegas strip. The casino staff in these off-strip hotels appear to have been trained to be friendlier than those on the strip. The service and the savings make it hard to resist staying just a little farther away from the strip.

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