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Where To Get Student Travel Deals

One of the best times to travel and see the world is when you are young, particularly since you can still get a deal on travel. While student travel may not be luxurious, it is often cheap and you can make memories that will last a lifetime.

The Benefits of Student Travel and Accommodations

Traveling as a student offers many benefits. While your travel and holiday time will have to be squeezed within short vacations in the future, as a student you may be able to travel for much of the summer. You may even want to take a year off to take advantage of low cost travel deals. Some student travel deals are privately run, while others may be organized by your school or university. Both can be a good choice. You will also find that as a student you are eligible for many benefits, deals and cheap travel options that are not open to older people. Get a student travel deals and see the world, even on a broke student’s budget.

As a student, you may be looking for deals that are educational, like a year abroad or chance to see major attractions or monuments. You could also be seeking deals that are not at all educational, like getting a great deal on a ski vacation or spring break on the beach.

Where Can You Find Student Travel Deals?

You can get a deal on student travel without a lot of searching. You may find advertisements at your school, on bulletin boards, or in the study abroad office or foreign language departments. Some of these advertised or planned school travel options are a wonderful opportunity to really experience another culture. Often, you can get a deal for ski vacations, beach rentals and other fun activities are also widely advertised on bulletin boards around campus and other student locations. Shop early, preferably a few months or longer before your trip, to get the best holiday travel deal. Some sites cater to students, like Student Universe while others like Priceline and Hotwire offer deals to everyone, occasionally at better rates than the private student organized trips.

You can also get a deal on student travel online. Simply searching will produce a wide range of options, and you may also be able to buy train and hostel passes designed for students online. In some cases, smart travel shopping will net you better deals on airfares than are offered by prices advertised as special student only deals. If you are looking for a spring break vacation or a summer abroad, starting with a good travel or hotel search engine is a smart idea. Do make sure that credits are transferable to your school if you are planning educational student travel.

The Best Student Travel Deals

Some of the best student travel opportunities are the traditional ones. Even now old favorites for students remain a good choice today. Youth hostels, located throughout Europe and the rest of the world are one of the best student lodging options. While these bare bones establishments do not offer luxury, they do offer cheap, clean accommodations and can often recommend somewhere affordable to grab a bite to eat. Hostel passes are available in some cases to make student trips even more affordable. Hostelling International offers hostelling options to students. Get a deal on train passes are can allow you to visit many locations quite affordably and help you save. EuRail is the best known of these student train pass options.

Study abroad programs are another great choice for to get a deal on student travel. You may even be able to qualify for scholarships for these programs, making them more affordable than you might expect. Consider speaking with the study abroad office at your school if you are interested in getting these travel deals. You may be surprised to learn that many study abroad opportunities are available to students regardless of their majors.

Who Qualifies for Student Travel Deals?

While you may think that only college students can qualify to get a student travel deals, this is not always true. Often, younger people can take advantage of these deals, including train passes and hostel stays, even if they are not currently enrolled in school. If you are a student, but are older, again you may find that you qualify for a student travel deal that you would not qualify for otherwise.

Do keep in mind that student travel is often rather bare bones. There are no luxury accommodations, single rooms, or private baths in youth hostels, and your grand adventure may well be just that. All that said, if you want to get a deal on student travel, consider your travel opportunities at Take advantage of worldwide travel deals that can allow you to explore and see the world or just make great memories with friends while you still have the time and freedom to do so.

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