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The Best Time To Get A Deal In Paris

Not only is Paris the capital of France, but it is renowned as the most romantic city in the world with the Eiffel Tower, a global symbol of love. Paris is also the world’s fashion hub and it brings in millions of tourists and travelers from across the globe every year because of its monuments, the best hotels, historic centers and world class museums.

And with such a large and constant flow of tourists and travelers, Paris hotels constantly strive to provide the most competitive and the best Paris hotel deals for their guests. In this city of over 4,250 hotels, it’s not hard to get a deal if you travel during the right season and spend a bit of time researching your hotel options.

The city of Paris possesses some of the best European luxury hotels with every one having its own style and character. The Luxury hotels in Paris obviously provide the very best accommodations in which to get a deal. They offer the top of the line in delicious cuisine, unparalleled service, and unique and adventurous recreational events.

Select the Right Time of Year to Visit Paris

For this reason, it becomes very important to look for and get the best hotel deals in Paris before as you plan your trip there. Before you make your final selection, there are a few things which you should strongly consider. For example, it’s important that you pick the right time of the year to visit Paris as this makes a huge difference for your accommodation availability as well as travel cost.

The prices for your travel (airfare, trains, etc.) and accommodation peak during the spring season as this is when many of the tourists visit Paris. So if a spectacular, yet affordable Paris vacation is what you are looking for it is better to skip the Spring travel season and opt for a shoulder season (off season).

The winter season, with the obvious exception of the bustling Christmas week and the two summer months of July and August are certainly the best months to take a trip to Paris to enjoy the city while managing to a reasonable budget. These months are generally considered the off season, although Paris never really closes down, it remains possible to get a deal on airfare, hotels, and local transportation at this time.

Select Your Paris Hotel according to Landmark Proximity

One other tip if you are budget conscious is to find hotels which are a few kilometers away from the best monuments, but near a metro stop. The hotels which are close to any of the monuments or landmarks tend to be very expensive. We recommend that budget conscious travelers find a nice hotel with good access to a metro or bus system. This will allow you to get to the great attractions in Paris and save a bit of funds for a longer stay in the process.

Tips to Enjoy Paris Attractions for Free

Paris can be classified as one of the most expensive cities in the world and it is home to some of the world's most exotic and popular attractions. Because of its alluring natural resources, it has remained one of the best places to be explored without going broke. Paris offers the most attractive sights and sounds complimented by cheerful people who will usually try to make sure you enjoy your trip.

In addition to getting the ideal Paris hotel deal, a tourist that is desirous of exploring Paris cheaply can benefit from some of these tips below.

  1. We recommend a taking time to walk, see, and experience Paris on your own without a guided tour or managed itinerary. Take a good bag loaded with a map and a few snacks with you. And of course, be sure to wear good, comfortable shoes. As the saying goes “the best things in life are free” and it’s no different with Paris attractions for those that know what they are looking for.
  2. On foot, the shores of the River Seine are be a very good place to start, then down to the 5th arrodisement, passing de la sculpture en plein Air that was created in 1980. This is an outdoor garden that is littered with beautiful sculptures instead of flowers.
  3. While strolling round, there are large boats anchored to the quay. The quay serves as home to picnickers that choose to enjoy their time near the river. Along the quay of the river, visitors can rest in the sun or read a paperback underneath the trees. It is likely you will see tour boats cruising the river.
  4. A tourist that enjoys skating can bring their roll skates to rue de Rivoli. Every level of skater is welcome from 10:00pm to 1:00am and it attracts hundreds of visitors.
  5. If you are visiting in the summer another great free deal in Paris is heading to one of its many beaches. There are several beaches along the bank of river Seine for the die-hard sun lovers and people watchers. No trip is complete without a dip in the water along a Paris beach.
  6. At the Parc de la villete, there is a giant outdoor screen mounted for tourists to enjoy free cinema.
  7. In July Paris visitors are treated to a ground breaking military march like America's July 4th, to celebrate the anniversary of the republic. This is period when the whole of France comes alive to celebrate independence anniversary in grand style and of course cheaply.


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