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Alaska Fishing Trip Deals of a Lifetime

Alaska has some of the best fishing in the entire world and you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy fishing in Alaska. Just make sure when you finish searching for Alaska travel deals and get ready to hit the road that you don’t forget to pack your rod and reel! There are many different types of fish in Alaska. Over 600 different species of fish bite every day! Alaska is defiantly a unique fishing experience, you can cast your line into the ocean or into one of the many riverbanks that Alaska has to offer.

When you are planning your Alaska fishing trip you might want to take in to consideration the cost of your fishing license. No worries, an Alaska fishing license won’t break the bank, but it is defiantly something that you should budget for. An Annual Non-Resident Fishing License runs about $145;

however, daily and weekly passes are available at a less expensive rate. There are also some species with specific limitations and extra licensing or stamp fees. After you have purchased your fishing license the fishing opportunities are endless. You can fish in fresh water such as lakes and rivers or salt water. The most important thing is that you kick back and enjoy your Alaskan fishing vacation.

Alaska Travel Deals for Your Alaskan Fishing Trip

You can get a deal on Alaska travel and hotels by searching the internet. Many people coming to fish in Alaska use Anchorage as their base camp, at least initially. You can check the rates of Anchorage hotels here. Many of the top travel sites will offer Alaska travel deals. You might also want to consider contacting a travel agent. A travel agent will be able to tell you the best places to stay, eat and rent a car. They may even be able to give you some great information on the best places to fish! If you want to forgo the travel agent start by getting a deal on a hotel that you can use to begin your expedition. You may want to change hotels or locations after you have arrived and fished for a while.

Alaskan King Salmon is one of Alaska’s greatest treasures. When you get to Alaska you will find a wealth of information on fishing tours and local river guides that focus solely on catching Alaskan King Salmon. If you have never reeled in a King Salmon before then you are in for a big surprise. It’s been said that reeling in an Alaskan king Salmon is the equivalent of a 20 minute workout at the gym! A medium sized Alaskan King salmon can weigh anywhere from 10-50 pounds. That is the size of a small child!

Best Places to Fish in Alaska

Some of the best places to fish in Alaska include Kenai, Sitka and Kodiak, Togiak River, Talarik Creek, Russian River, and the Copper River are the favorite fly fishing spots of the locals. You can get great Alaska fishing guides in many of these places as well. Ask the locals or any fishing guide for a good place to have your fish cleaned, fileted and vacuum packed for the trip home.

How to Get Your Alaska Fishing Catch Home

Simply drop off the day’s catch to the local fish prep business each time you return to your hotel after a day or two of fishing. They will clean, seal in plastic, and vacuum pack the filets for you at a per pound cost. You’ll be able to pick up the sealed and vacuum packed filets within about 24-48 hours. The fish prep will put your fish on ice and freeze the filets in a plastic cooler that you provide. You’ll be able to pick up the entire cooler of your catch anytime you are ready. It’s generally best to wait until you are about ready to leave Alaska as they will store your catch in a walk-in cooler for you until you transfer it to the airports’ walk in cooler in the South Terminal Baggage and Freezer Storage Services area. Simply deliver the packaged filets in the cooler with duct tape around the opening lid and the Anchorage Airport personnel will put it in a walk-in cold storage cooler especially constructed for keeping an Alaska fisherman’s catch frozen until you are ready to claim it the day of your flight. The fish will stay completely frozen for a minimum of 12 hours of plane flight or more, long enough for almost any plane ride from anywhere in the lower 48 United States.

Alaska Fishing Really has Something for Everyone

Whether you prefer casting your line in the wilderness alone, or holding a big steel rod in the ocean with your buddies, Alaska fishing really does have something for everyone. Contact your travel agent or search the web to get an Anchorage Hotel Deal and come do some of the best fishing of your life in Alaska. You trip may only last a week or two, but your experiences and the memories that you make here will last a lifetime!

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